I’ve posted here photos of 50 dinners that I’ve cooked for Gilly and me.


7 February 2012: Fried pork chop with fried apple slices, boiled potato and kumara, and steamed carrot and parsnip slices and steamed broccoli.


6 February 2012:  Grilled hoki tapas served with Diamond Mushroom Rice Risotto, and steamed broccoli and carrot slices. Served with dobs of Hollandaise sauce.


5 February 2012:  Cheese and parsley omelette served with lettuce and bean sprout salad with vinaigrette dressing, and a sliced fresh vine tomato.


4 February 2012: Two grilled lamb mid-loin chops served with Diamond Chinese Rice Risotto, a tomato, and a salad of lettuce and bean sprouts with vinaigrette dressing.


2 February 2012: Two grilled mid-loin lamb chops served with potato, kumara, steamed fresh runner beans picked that day from Pat’s Waikanae garden, and carrot and parsnip mashed together. And a dob of butter.


1 February 2012: My ideal evening meal-in-a-hurry when I need my brain to work well: Two boiled eggs with a slice of multi-grain toast and a mug of English Breakfast tea with a good quantity of milk.


31 January 2012: A fry-up with Cheese Kranskys sliced diagonally, onions, sweet peppers, cooked Thai Jasmine rice, sliced bok choy, bean sprouts, with Tamari sauce sprinkled over it all before serving.


29 January 2012: Chicken breast re-baked in its own juices, and served with boiled white Thai Jasmine rice, a fresh vine tomato, and a vinaigrette lettuce salad with marinated artichoke heart.



28 January 2012: I cooked lamb schnitzel, served with boiled Thai Jasmine Rice and lettuce salad with marinated artichoke hearts and Thai salad dressing.


27 January 2012: I baked a whole chicken with lemon and served it with roast vegetables.


26 January 2012: I fried whole pork chops in the electric fry-pan, and added a medley of onion and bok choy, and served with boiled Jasmine rice and a cherry tomato.


24 January 2012: Vera came for dinner and I served fried beef eye fillet steak, covered with a sauce of blueberries and chilli, with boiled Agria potatoes and a fried medley of vegetables, with a fresh tomato.

Served with Mount Riley Pinot Gris.


20 January 2012: Chicken thighs braised in soy sauce with broccoli, cherry tomatoes  and sliced brown mushrooms, served with mixed lettuce salad tossed with Thai salad dressing.

Served with Esk Valley Pinot Gris 2010.


19 January 2012: Hoki fillets with lemon slices, buttered boiled potatoes, mixed lettuce salad with blueberries, cherry tomatoes and shaved gruyere cheese, tossed in vinaigrette dressing.


18 January 2012: Fried chicken with sliced garlic and ginger, sliced bok choy, chopped omelette and rice noodles. Seasoned.


17 January 2012: Pork cutlet with fried rice, a mashed mix of carrot and parsnip, and asparagus with a dob of sour cream.


16 January 2012:  Wattie’s frozen Fish Pie (thank you, Mr Wattie) served with Thai Jasmine rice and lettuce salad with marinated feta and Thai salad dressing.


15 January 2012: Sunday night and we’re having leftovers. Breasts of last night’s baked chicken and steamed Jasmine rice from Thursday night. I made gravy from the chicken juices and added sliced and lightly fried brown mushrooms. I added three feta stuffed peppadews to each plate for colour and zingy flavour.


14 January 2012: Baked lemon chicken with cheese-topped mashed potato, lemon broccoli with lemon zest, and lettuce salad with Thai dressing.


13 January 2012: Rosemary lamb schnitzel with mashed yellow Agria potatoes, steamed round green beans, fried yellow courgette and mixed lettuce salad, with a small fresh vine tomato.

Served with Main Divide Pinot Gris 2010


12 January 2012:  I cooked chicken, mushrooms and shallots in a white wine reduction and served on a bed of white jasmine rice, with a mixed lettuce vinaigrette, sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds.

Served with Main Divide Pinot Gris 2010


11 January 2012: I made us cheese and parsley omelettes, served with lettuce and marinated feta cheese salad, and a single vine tomato.


8 January 2012: I cooked stir-fry of chicken thighs with bok choy, shallots, bean sprouts and round noodles, sprinkled with a little soy sauce after serving.

Served with Peter Yealands Pinot Gris 2011.


7 January 2012: Pork schnitzel with steamed round beans and carrots, and fried rice with ginger, garlic and apple pieces.



5 January 2012: I grilled Scotch fillet steaks and served them with fried rice and a salad of lettuce, spinach and bean sprouts with vinaigrette dressing. In the fried rice I included sweet chilli peppers, shallots and chopped omelette.

4 January 2012: Baked lemon chicken with Roast potatoes, asparagus, braised mushrooms and broccoli with Hollandaise sauce.

Served with Church Road Pinot Gris 2011


3 January 2012: Beef eye fillet steak drenched in blueberry and chilli sauce, served with steamed Jasmine rice, steamed bok choy, avocado with lemon and a Beekist tomato.

Served with Church Road Pinot Gris 2011

While I was focusing the camera, steam from the dish has got onto the lens and made the image a bit blurry!


2 January 2012: Baked lemon chicken with oil-roasted paprika Agria potatoes, served with spinach and bean sprout salad with vinaigrette dressing.


1 January 2012: I served grilled basil Salmon steak with butter-crunch lettuce and avocado salad,  with mango chill dressing, and quartered Beekist tomatoes, all seasoned.

Served with Allan Scott Marlborough Pinot Gris 2010


30 December 2011: For an unseasonal cold snap in the weather I pan-fried Beef Eye fillet steak and served it with mashed potatoes, braised mushrooms, steamed cauliflower with lemon juice, and fresh tomato on the vine,all sprinkled with ground black pepper.

Served with Allan Scott Marlborough Pinot Gris 2010


29 December 2011: I served Crumbed hoki fillet and braised mushrooms and onions, with lettuce salad and vinaigrette dressing, and two feta-stuffed peppadews.

Served with Triplebank Awatere Valley Marlborough Pinot Gris 2010


28 December 2011: We had leftover sausage casserole from 26 December, once again served with rice and lettuce salad.

Served with Triplebank Awatere Valley Marlborough Pinot Gris 2010


26 December 2011: Something light for Boxing Day: Previously cooked London Pride sausages, sliced and  baked in savory tomato, with steamed rice and a simple lettuce salad sprinkled with shaved Parmesan cheese.


24 December 2011: Chopped chicken thigh pieces fried with sliced shallots and sliced mushrooms, thickened with sour cream and poured over fettucine noodles. Sprinkled with chopped coriander and steamed asparagus rubbed with a little butter.


22 December 2011: I fried shallots and sweet peppers with chopped chicken thighs, sweet chill sauce, balsamic vinegar and wine, added sliced fresh bok choy, and served it all on a bed of rice, topped with a little soy sauce. I’m not sure why this photo has such a pink tinge – maybe the pink colour was from the sunset through the window.


19 December 2011: Grilled mid-loin lamb chops, with mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots, and sliced brown mushrooms fried with brown onion slices.


18 December 2011: London Pride sausages grilled in our George Foreman griller and served with steamed Thai jasmine rice, a low acid tomato and mixed lettuce salad with Chez Nigel vinaigrette dressing.


16 December 2011: This was our 33rd Wedding Anniversary, and a friend came to stay.  We were to have a  celebration out with family and friends the following evening. So I prepared the remainder of  the refrigerated chicken and tomato casserole I’d baked on 11 December, served on fettucine egg noodles, with steamed broccoli and asparagus dressed with Hollandaise sauce. I sprinkled a few pieces of chopped fresh basil to finish the dish.

13 December 2011: Grilled London Pride sausages with mashed potatoes, half a low acid tomato sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and a mixed lettuce salad with Chez Nigel vinaigrette.


12 December 2011: Pork schnitzel with cinnamon apples, steamed asparagus and carrot and steamed Thai jasmine rice.


11 December 2011: Casserole of boned and skinned chicken thighs and savoury tomato, with steamed Thai jasmine rice and lettuce and mesclun salad generously garnished with shaved Parmesan cheese.
10 December 2011: Grilled mid-loin lamb chops served with halves of low acid tomato and lettuce salad with crumbled goat feta cheese.

8 December 2011: Fried sliced chicken thighs, bok choy and chinese cabbage, served with rice noodles. After the photo was taken I sprinkled soy sauce over the dish and that added both colour and flavour.


6 December 2011: Pork sausages from the butcher, peeled steamed potato and asparagus, with a fry of mushrooms and shallots.
4 December 2011: Pork schnitzel with cinnamon apple slices, boiled potatoes and steamed broccoli, and lettuce salad.
3 December 2011: Chicken fried with Chinese-style frozen mixed vegetables and served on a bed of steamed Thai Jasmine rice.
2 December 2011: London Pride sausage, baked Hoki crumbed fillet tacos with a cheese omelette and half a low-acid tomato.
1 December 2011: Pork Schnitzel and cinnamon apple slices, served with boiled jacket potato and steamed asparagus, half a low acid tomato, a mixed green salad with feta-stuffed peppadews and Chez Nigel vinaigrette dressing.
29 November 2011: Grilled mid-loin lamb chops with boiled jacket potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots, with lashings of Hollandaise sauce and butter.
28 November 2011: London Pride grilled sausages, boiled jacket potatoes, steamed carrots and round green beans, with Te Mata Sauce on my sausages and butter for the potatoes.We both prefer to go without dessert or pudding, although very rarely we may have an appetizer before our main course. I try to make these meals healthy – there is almost always meat, fish or chicken, almost always with potato, rice or pasta, and at least a couple of steamed vegetables with a salad in warmer weather. We usually like our salads simple, just a green leaf salad with vinaigrette dressing.
 26 November 2011: Veal schnitzel, boiled potatoes in their jackets, steamed carrots and broccoli garnished with Hollandaise sauce, and feta-stuffed peppadews. Yes, I know there is a large wedge of butter on this plate, but my hubby insists on lots of butter with his potatoes and he has a cholesterol level of 2, so it doesn’t seem to have done him any harm!
I’ve used my iPhone 4 to photograph these dinners.
Our dinner set is Portmeirion ‘Botanic garden’ which I still love after using it for 20 years. Each plate has a different large floral image in the centre, and each image includes at least one butterfly within the floral image. I enjoy the green leaf motif around the outer edge of each plate, that I find visually compatible with all food.

Some extras:

Portmeirion dinner trays of finger-food I made for Xmas drinks at our place one year. The first tray is salmon and cream cheese on blinis, with black caviar and a little dill.

The second tray contains toasted bread rounds with mushroom and bacon terrine (?), topped with a slice of tomato and a strip of basil.


My usual breakfast: Yoghurt, 1 slice toast with cottage cheese and chives with a mug of English Breakfast tea with lots of milk.


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