Pit-Bull Terriers

How many more children need to be cruelly maimed in New Zealand by American Pit Bull Terriers and their descendants before New Zealand politicians will act to prevent all future damage from these dreadful animals. Every descendant of the breed, and of every other dangerous breed, such as Staffordshire bull terriers, should be prevented from breeding further in this country.

If my information is correct, American Pit Bull terrier types of dogs can no longer be imported into New Zealand.

But the off-spring of those who were unfortunately earlier allowed to be imported are still, often as cross-breeds, creating dreadful injuries to children.

We can begin this prevention by following Australia’s example of demanding that all dogs of this type be spayed or neutered in an attempt to gradually eliminate the breed from New Zealand.

Any dog that has any of this strain in its heritage should be automatically required to be speyed or neutered. And any dog who has been involved in any kind of attack on a human should be immediately destroyed.

Why does a local council apparently need the permission of the owners to be put down after it has made an attack on a child, as appears to have happened this week in Porirua, when the attack dog can not be destroyed because owners have not given permission?


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